Trouble Shooting

Common Problems and Solutions

Running with Windows

Vanguard Ace will run under Windows 3.xx without much problem. The only small problem will be some delay of music during menu redraws. Other than that the game will run fine just like in DOS. Vanguard Ace will work under Windows'95 just like in DOS without any problems.

Running with Windows NT

Vanguard Ace has not been tested under Windows NT and it is very unlikely that you'll get it to run with sound.

Running with OS/2

Vanguard Ace has not been tested under OS/2. If you can get it to run without problems, please don't hesitate to contact us. As from feedback, there should be no problem running with OS/2 with basic system configuration.

Memory Issues

You should have no problem with Vanguard Ace if you have at least 8 MB of RAM. If you receive a warning of insufficient RAM... You should remove smartdrive or any other cache program in memory to free up more memory. Booting without EMM386.EXE will free up at least 256K of memory. You can boot without anything in memory and Vanguard Ace will still run. As long as the appropriate environment string is set, Vanguard Ace will be able to play sound and music. 'BLASTER' for SB cards, 'ULTRASND' for Gravis UltraSound cards and 'SNDSCAPE' for Ensonic SoundScape cards. These environment strings are the only ones you need to play Vanguard Ace.

Running Sound Card with Built-In Radio FM in Windows 95

If you encounter noises when running Vanguard Ace, the problem will be your Built-In Radio FM function on your sound card. When running Vanguard Ace, it automatically open up your FM Radio function. To solve this problem, you have to "MUTE" your Line-In option in your Windows 95 Volume Controls or turn on your FM Radio and set it to "MUTE".

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