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Vertical Madness

Malaysia's 1st PC Arcade Game.

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Brief Description

  • High quality PC arcade shoot-em-up game.
  • Smooth & excellent gameplay with 70 frames per second screen updates.
  • Multiple parallax scrolling graphics.
  • Mecha style sprite designs & rendered graphics.
  • Techno quality sound & music.
  • Five different types of ships with multiple weapon levels.
  • Each ship is unique with their power, speed and abilities.
  • One or two players mode selectable.

Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM PC & 100% Compatibles.
  • 486 CPU & Above.
  • OS Support: MS-DOS or Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP by Emulator.
  • 8 MB Random Access Memory.
  • 25 MB Hard Disk Space.
  • Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card.
  • Supports Keyboard, Gamepad, Joypad, Joystick & Mouse.

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