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Malaysia's 1st PC Game
뱅가드 에이스
Vertical Madness

Fans of vertical scrolling shooters beware! Vanguard Ace is on the scene. This game boasts an astounding 70 frames per second of smooth animation which is probably the 1st vertical shooter with such quality to scroll at such high frame rates. Game features include multi-layered parallax scrolling, rendered graphics, mecha style sprite designs, multiple weapon levels for each ship and a bounty of powerups in this Japanese anime-styled universe.

There are 5 different ships to choose from and each ship is unique with their power, speed and abilities. On one player mode, you can even enhance the ship by selecting two players mode with the same control keys on each player. That means 2 ships are combined to become one powerful ship on its own. Powerups can be obtained which will upgrade the player's ship. These weapons and abilities, combined with flight skill will be necessary to avoid the ship's destruction.

Enemies include tanks, turrets, ships, helicopters, boats, sub-marines, bosses and more. The Registered Version allows players to choose from 5 different ships to control. This game supports two players mode and any player can get into the game at anytime. It supports Keyboard, Gamepad, Joypad, Joystick and Mouse.

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